WESC ● Mason Hazy t-shirt

When I first saw this WESC tee, as soon as I checked a box sent by Renzo Cognini, I instantly recognized the genius, the brilliant intuition behind its design.

You probably grew up in a world where streetwear is synonymous with cool and fresh. Back in my era, 30 years ago, it was something whose function was to identify rebels, people that didn’t feel the need to conform, misfits that were all about street life, punk or early hip hop and skateboarding. That OG wave of streetwear was all abour creativity and flipping pop culture images and logos was one of the favorite ways to make a strong impression (having fun all along the process).

Now if we talk iconic streetwear designs of the late 80s this Eightball t-shirt left quite a mark. With references that go from the good or bad luck that tattoo fans give to it, rather than West Coast gangsters used to drink Old English 800 liquor also known as 8 ball, it recently also became a way to call 3,5 grams of cocaine.

With a visionary intuition such serious concept became a quite funny. design. Spherically shaped like an 8 ball, it became his imitation toy: the magic 8 ball that can foresee the future. If usually you say “toy” to call a low quality graffiti piece, here the toy has its literal meaning and it is all but a low quality tee. With a front print that shows the 8 ball, the back reveals a forecast that says “Hazy – ask again later”. I don’t know the exact reason for this but considering that hazy… is written in white on a purple field, it may be a purple haze moment that postpones questions to another moment.

Spark conversations with streetwear black belts that recognize the inspiration behind this Mason Hazy t-shirt and tell them about the current state of WESC, always ready to bring forward the true spirit of streetwear. Recently this brand became part of Zen Distribuzione roster of brands, you can expect that wicked approach that makes streetwear lovely even in 2020.

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