WESC ● Max Thirsty t-shirt

Well, considering that my blog is called The Maxiemillion and this WESC tee is called Max Thirsty, this item speaks volumes about how I may truly appreciate it. Far from being 1994, in 2020 kids aren’t mad thirsty to drink 2 cups of blood, and even 2009 is long time gone, so you can’t blame it on the alcohol. Humans are naturally inclined to drink several times per day and, as it’s easy to figure out, they all drink different beverages, according to the moment of the day. Coffees are for waking up, soda drinks are to quench your thirst and of course cocktails are… to party.


That good old “get me something to drink” never gets old because drinking the right amount of alcohol creates the right atmosphere to enjoy a place, makes the conversation more fluent and even makes you dance better. The problem is that “the right amount” part. I have no secret recipe or unknown indication to give you: use your head and understand when is the moment to say stop.


Wearing this t-shirt, beside making you look too fly, has no contraindications: you can do it when you want and the only risk here is to steal all the attention. No wonder that Renzo Cognini sent me this item to post it on the blog: it totally fits my free spirit where women and beverages are always welcomed topics of discussion.


Based on a pop art influenced design vaguely reminiscing of Patrick Nagel art, Max Thirsty plays with two elements equally appealing to the eye of young, wild and free men: hot lips and a drink with straw. Just below the graphics, you can find WESC woven label close to the hem.


It is a men’s tee but if you are good looking like Michela C in these shots there is nothing that can stop you from rocking this tee with attitude.
I don’t need to discuss much more by the way: this item is now part of Zen distribuzione roster so make sure you connect this entity to your shop. In the meantime grab this tee at a sale price online at WESC website, it’s too refreshing to miss it

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