WESC ● Miles Wesc Reverse

If you are a newcomer to this streetwear thing, this may look like a new brand to you but it you have been accustomed to this lifestyle for years you may remember this logo. WESC as an acronym of We are the Supreme Conspiracy was huge around 2009. At the time I was working retail and we sold a ridiculous amount of WESC hoodies.

When kids entered the store with a desperate expression you could tell that they were about to ask you a cure for their “so and so style”. They wanted to look good like their schoolmates and the question was always “Do you have WESC hoodies?”. I am giving you the straight facts, no need to exaggerate here.

Fast forward to 2018 and I’m happy to see that even if this brand went through a rollercoaster style of ups and downs, it is still here. “Don’t call it a comeback” the early LL Cool J would say and this is the case.

WESC is the new WESC it seems, as the brand that shifted its collection more towards street fashion rather than snowboarding and skateboarding is in excellent shape. The Swedish unit that had among its ambassadors from Jason Lee to Ray Barbee, from Stretch Armstrong to Stash never lost its wicked sense of humor as you can see from this item that Elena C is wearing.

So that WESC hoodie lost its top and turned into a crewneck called Miles Wesc Reverse. This French terry cloth item is sewed and screen printed on its reverse. I even tried it inside out and if you can pull it off with woven labels showing, it looks great even on the other side but no, officially it’s not a reversible item.

Time to be retro fresh: tell your friends that you know where you are coming from and the Superlative Conspiracy never lost its appeal.
Verify with your eyes: WESC is available online through Blakshop

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