WESC ● Oden Palm AOP S/S Shirt

Looking back at what has been the effective weight of WESC through these last two decades it is evident: fun is always playing a major part when it comes to a new collection.

From back when you had to wear a pair of WESC Headphones to be someone to its incredibly talented roster of music artists and skaters, the Swedish brand never made a secret about his plot to write new rules when it comes to entertain, dressing people to skate, to go clubbing or simply for everyday life.

It’s pleasant for me to see that good habits don’t go lost because this Oden Palm AOP S/S Shirt, courtesy of Renzo Cognini is nothing but pure unadulterated fun. I had no doubts from when we last saw Mason Guilty Pleasures or Max Thirsty t-shirts but here WESC stepped its game up. Its soft woven rayon fabric is like a return to classic good times attires. Think about Magnum PI rather than Tony Montana, men whose action spoke louder than words and whose lifestyle still leads by example, defying the challenge of time.

What makes this print stand out is the two tone type of design. Instead of opting for a colorful print, here you just have a black shirt with orange palms. Daring decision that totally pays off when you look at the final result: cool but classy, all but messy.

We have seen a recent resurgence in Hawaiian shirts in high fashion just like in streetwear. It’s those cycles and recycles of fashion, nothing strange. WESC sits in the middle of the two fields, with an item that could be high fashion at streetwear prices (read: affordable). This button down shirt is now available at sales price and this means that if you have one last pool party before Summer is over, you shouldn’t miss it

As I told you WESC switched distribution lately, ending in the roster of Zen Distribuzione, together with its other brands. So what are you waiting for to cop one online from WESC website. If Summer is about to be over, don’t forget that fun never ends…

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