“They act so ill, they no frills/they should go chill, they all mouth with no skills” (Lord Finesse)

WESC knows how to bring fun to this thing that is commonly known as urban wear. Why do I say so? I just browsed their website and the description for this Sans Serif crewneck that you see here is: “A Sans Serif is a type of letter (or font to be more exact) without frills. This is the crewneck equivalent”. Short but snappy! A pure work of art to my eyes. Or better yet some Pulitzer prize material. The Swedish brand that made a fortune with its Icon logo on t-shirts and hoodies, knows very well that there is no rest for the wicked so the designers brought forward a new style without forgetting the sense of humor that they got us used to. Their communication and their skate riders always represented style and fun together and you know that this falls straight into my zone. The crewneck that Stefy R is wearing gives a sense of freshness that is incomparable to anything that you were used to. Peep closely the first picture ad you will notice that the fabric is not plain but it has irregular white dots all over. The terry cloth that this item is made of is the right compromise to cover your body after a skate session or as a substitute for a windbreaker when you go out at night. Beside this, the very little collar ring and its “loose but not too much” fit make it one of those summer items that you always wanted to have handy. Blue Distribution knew this from the start: to have style wearing WESC is a funny experience that you shouldn’t miss. Photo courtesy of Simone Montanari

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