“Conspiracy, she’ll be home in three/until then I looks out for the whole family” (Notorious Big)

When it comes to caps, WESC doesn’t know the meaning of weak move with its northern European approach to design. Here we are talking about class that blends with humor and quality to make everybody around you aware of the one-of-a-kind person that you strive to be. The brand from Sweden has already shown us here on The Maxiemillion what can happen on a worldwide standard of headwear such as New Era 59fifty. When caps are the deal, there are a few factors that are crucial in order to obtain the best piece ever: shape and visor are relevant of course but also materials, branding and embroidery (if there is any) all come into play for the final result. The SC Snapback that Alessia A is wearing here is a superior cap. With its suede visor and the crown made of raw denim, this is surely not what kids want to wear. They want massive branding and bright colors or seek refuge in the confort of a black cap with a white embroidery. I envision this on the head of a mature streetwear aficionado that cares more about the item itself rather than an in-your-face branding. What makes this cap shine to my eyes is that Superlative Conspiracy leather patch that channels a message with a subversive aura in such a clean way, creating a wonderful contrast. If your shop is at a certain level of freshness, it can’t miss this brand by Blue Distribution. If it doesn’t carry WESC yet, well… time to think of a conspiracy to change its style.

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