WeWood ● Alpha

WeWood never stops its quest for the ultimate wooden timepiece. The Italian brand founded in 2010 wanted to establish its name as a synonymous with eco sustainability related to wristwatches.

“Technically, no one can ever tell you that you have his same watch. Every wood, in fact, has a unique grain pattern as the DNA of a person.” was written on Vogue about this brand and this makes us reflect on how such a project needs support from each and every person reading this.

With a claim that says “You buy a watch. We plant a tree” it’s easy to figure out that WeWood envisions a greener planet, for a better environment. Forget all the luxury issues related to showing off with ultra expensive watches: this is a way to make a contribution to the health of the world we live in. Now enter an eco luxury world where no watch is too expensive but whose Italian design is ready to get global consensus.

On WeWood website you can count 32 different styles with several colorways each. This watch on Laura C wrist is called Alpha and it’s exactly how I love a watch: essential with a big dial. With its Premium Miyota 2315 movement (usually mounted on Citizen), a scratch-proof glass and a structure made of hypo-allergenic wood completely free of toxic chemicals, this watch is ready to enjoy summer days by your side.

It’s surprisingly light (61 g), so don’t let the dimensions fool you: your wrist will feel like you are not wearing anything on it. Total freedom and love for the planet: that’s what WeWood is about.

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