WeWood – Enif beige

It’s about to go down: tomorrow is Christmas and you may still look for some last minute suggestion so I got what you are looking for, no problem. The answer to the question “What’s the coolest Christmas gift?” is “A WeWood watch!”. This brand from Florence contributes to push Italian design all over the world (I have seen their booth in Las Vegas, last August at the Liberty fair) with pieces like this Enif wristwatch. Made entirely of the same maple wood that is used to make skateboards, this Enif Beige is also available in a Chocolate colorway, a bit darker than this one on the wrist of Elena S. With its bold dimensions you will be surprised by how much light this watch is: only 59 grams. I love those luminescent hands (believe me, it’s good to know the time at night without peeping your smartphone) and the peach shade of the dial. Beside the looks, it’s the brand philosophy that deserves a couple of words here. WeWood wants to have a positive impact on the eco system of our planet, so this brand operate in the following way: any watch they sell is a tree that they plant. So when you decide that this is your Christmas gift, you make two gifts for the price of one: to your friend and to planet Earth. With this said, it’s easy to love the design of this watch that will spark conversations, taking people by surprise. You will put in their face a totally hypoallergenic natural material, without the need to show off how wealthy you are through your watch.

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