“What am I? What am I? What am I?” (Anti Pop Consortium)

I do my best to confuse you, I know. The titles of my posts are mostly bits of hip hop classics instead of average titles. I print stickers of this blog in several colors but I don’t sell them. My background goes from punk rocker, to skaterhead, to hip hop aficionado so sometimes you don’t really understand on what side of the tracks I am, but I put a lot of passion in what I do and this alone makes you read The Maxiemillion on the regular. This time it was me to get confused. I knew from my homies at Move/Vibrarecords that recently the windbreaker made a comeback so I took it for granted, but I felt lost after I saw this here above, a reversible one from Upper Playground. I thought about Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde when I saw it. I didn’t know anymore who I was. My identity was up for grabs. Who was I? A hipster kid, all hyped on the dancefloor with my New Era brim flipped up or a homie from the barrio chillin with a clean basic style? Purple is blowing up, even the postman knows it. Same for shiny nylon windbreakers, but this is basically for young clubbers. All in all I felt like a young clubber even if I’m an old one and to be honest it felt good. But I’m also a big fan of grey. I firmly believe that grey is the best colour ever. Never in or out of style, it’s just there forever. Plus the clean cut and the ton sur ton print on the back from the hand of Munk One is hood like an ice cream truck. Then all of a sudden the mistery of who I am wasn’t there anymore: I’m both. The hipster kid and the homie from the barrio. This doesn’t mean that this item is suitable only for these above categories. If you listen to Andrea Bocelli and you like to wear something clean to go to the gym, flip the jacket on the grey side and go. Same if you ride a bmx bike and your kicks have a purple touch: just turn it inside out and you’re set. Just don’t wear it to go to the office if you have a “no sporty look” policy. Or in that case I suggest you to search for another job. In the meantime I will search for my real identity.

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