“What in the world is in that bag, what you got in that bag? A couple a cans of whoop a**, you did a good-a** job of just eyein me, spyin me” (Luda)

You never heard about Fettuccia Mania, right? Of course you don’t. This is more underground than MF Doom real identity if you ask me. Born a couple of months ago as a joke, Manu C, the girlfriend of my dear friend Max P, got into this passion that gave her good results. I don’t want to give a “crafter” twist to my blog, but basically the stuff that I saw impressed me to a point that I asked Manu to review the product of her labour. Seriously, how fresh is this bag? I spent two years of my life in Paris and there you can see the potential of the right bag versus the designer bag. Here in Italy a lot of girls don’t know how to think when they need to get their perfect bag, so they end up buyin’ tons of knockoffs of the usual high end luxury brands. Not in Paris. In the City of Light girls buy a bag that looks good with their outfit, just because they like it, not because it’s a status symbol. There is a lot to learn from this: the thin line between elegance and bragging about a wealthy lifestyle. Manu decided to let colors and craftmanship speak instead of luxury materials. Call it tape or ribbon, these are nothing but strips of tee shirts knitted in shape of a bag. What is better than a bag that you can pick up only following your colour sensations, knowing that it has been made by a cool girl that loves this urban world as we like it. Of course beside the handmade value of this item here, there is a choice of buttons to complete the bag that has its relevance. I fell in love with this bag and every time I pass by Manu’s lab she is putting together new “one of a kind” pieces, all of them in different colors and shapes, for any of your needs, mademoiselles. I thought that for such an item I had to put in the mix Roberta Ungaro work behind the lenses again. Her delicate and sensible approach to photography is the same of Manu in the crafting department and Roberta and friend-turned-model Mara did a job that I’m proud to post. Contact Manu for a bag if you like this, his production is totally affordable and will make you shine in the crowd like a diamon among cubic zirconia. Just remember that for a perfect result you have to kill everything in sight with a pair of shoes or of sneakers that will let people take notes while you pass by, girl.

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