“What is a paper without a president?/What is a compound without an element?” (Q-Tip)

We all know Element skateboards by now, right? Oh, you don’t?! Go read my other post about that Brooklyn Element release, there is a lot to learn there on its history, if you think that Element is just Nyjah Huston board company. This is a company that knows one thing and they are damn right about it: in order to be respected in this skake world you gotta give back. What’s a demo without a product toss? What’s a contest without prize money? What’s a skate camp without all the fun and the crazy experiences? Beside all the demos that their diverse team has had all over the world, beside the myth behind the funniest skate camp ever that Element has been putting together at Visalia YMCA for years now, here’s your chance to enter the skate world officially if you think you got it, my skater friend. Set your mental on a competitive mood and enter the “Make it count” contest at Railway skatepark in Brescia on May 13th. Do your best, control your emotions, apply your skills and keep dreaming. Unbelievable: you won! This means that I will see you at the European finals in Berlin, at Bright tradeshow. If  Railway has been hard, to win at the Euro finals will be harder. Euro rippers from all over the corners of this old continent will be there, waiting for their chance to shine. But you know you are good and even partecipate only at such a big contest will be the experience of a lifetime, isn’t it little ripper? The winner will get the chance to shred in Visalia (where the finals will take place) and will even get to reach his mecca. No, not Manhattan in old hip hop slang, I’m talking about this skatepark that you and your homies daydream all day about: The Berrics. Go to Brescia on Sunday and shred, you have no choice. Sing “All I do is win win win…” in your head all the time and let me know if it worked./// Last minute update: the contest has been postponed to Sunday May 20th due to the weather forecast. See you there!

Conosciamo tutti Element skateboards a questo punto, no? In caso contrario nel mio post inerente Brooklyn Element c’e’ tutto quel che serve. La company con l’alberello che piace a skaters (e non) ha una concetto ben chiaro di fronte a sè: per avere rispetto nel mondo dello skate bisogna dare qualcosa in cambio. Ecco quindi il loro team rendersi protagonista di demo in tutto il globo. Ecco l’organizzazione da parte di Element ogni anno del Visalia YMCA skate camp. Ecco arrivare il 13 maggio al Railway skatepark di Brescia una tappa di “Make it count“, un circuito mondiale che porterà ad una finale europea al Bright tradeshow  e ad una successiva finale negli States proprio al Visalia YMCA. Non ti basta? Benissimo: c’e’ mezzo di skateare pure nell’esclusivissimo park di Steve Berra e Eric Koston aka The Berrics, se vinci. Ma devi vincere proprio tutto. Fai il serio, continua a cantare dentro di te “All I do is win win win...” e fammi sapere poi se ha funzionato./// Update dell’ultimo minuto: a causa del maltempo il contest è stato rimandato a domenica 20 maggio. Ci vediamo lì!

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