“What is the meaning of crime?/Is it Criminals Robbin’ Innocent Motherfu**ers Everytime?” (GZA)

I feel like the hip hop side of bragging and the related oversized ego is attacking me these days. You heard about the party we had last friday, you read about my dj friends, you attended, you saw the pics and this alone should be enough, but no! Here we are, celebrating The Maxiemillion inflated soul. A few of you that were at Damn! last friday received from my hands the third edition of The Maxiemillion sticker. After the Dodgers colourway (royal/white) and the Fashion victim colourway (lime/purple), finally comes the Killah Bee colourway in black and yellow. You can do plenty of stuff with it: decorate a skate deck, a car or a bike, collect it, keep it as a business card that reminds you what the web address is or to pretend you’re a street activist. I’m not encouraging you to vandalize the shop you hate putting stickers on its door, just be smart and most of all have fun (basically this is the one and only statement of this here blog: to have fun).
You have two examples above: pole sticker and panel sticker. The first is in a very strategic spot in a part of Bergamo Alta that dominates the panorama. People from Lega Lombarda, a local political party (leaders of federalism here), put their damn green flower on a pole and as you can see I used mine to cover the motto that was on it. Like writers did back in the day when they wrote “toy” to diss other people wack pieces, that you still could see. The second one is in a park, on a technical panel with all the data of this here tank. Since the logo of Comune di Bergamo is quite of the same size and shape, I thought it would be dope to place my sticker properly, like it was an actual studio that graphically produced the panel, or an information website for tanks and war artillery, which is not. Even if here I’m always at war. My target are people that don’t enjoy life for what it is: a wonderful journey!

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