“When I crept up on the scene (when you crept up on the scene)/lookin real fresh and clean, know what I mean? (I know what you mean boy)” (Nate Dogg)

What could I tell you about these Circa footwear kicks that you can’t see for yourself? Simple: that leather is smooth for real. They say “smooth as a baby’s a**” and this is definately the case. Sign o’ the times, like we were in Prince record label offices, this is a pure cross among a man shoe and a sneaker. I’m very low on attention level, so I will keep on asking questions, sorry. When shall you wear these Unim in Taupe color, you ask? My experience suggest these for an everyday use where no matter where you go, you look fresh, elegant but informal. Office? Yes. Shopping? Most definately. Club to party like you should? No. Hell no. You don’t want to cry at 2.30 am because some drunk punk in front of you just turned and pasted that liquid mixture that lays on club pavements from his sole to your upper. This is no joke, it’s premium natural tumbled and buffed leather. Wingtip perforation detail on vamp soft pigskin lining is not to be taken lightly as well. No way to even think that you can wash this leather. I’m not even asking questions here: I’m sure you can’t. There is a science about kicks to wear at the club and it’s the following: no nice shoes. By nice I mean canvas and suede in any color but black. Club life may lead people to drink, to be loud, to move without payin’ too much attention and next thing you know, they step on your feet or somebody hits them from behind and ops… sorry, I spilled my drink on you. Do you want this to happen on your Circa Unim? Sure not. I don’t know about you, but when I saw that scene in Do The Right Thing where dude says to Giancarlo Esposito “Your Jordans are fu***d up”, that’s what I think every time I see somebody with dirty kicks. So pay attention to what you do with them. I heard that you fell in love and you want to go to your favourite skate shop and buy these now that you’ve seen them. Is it true? You have to wait some more months because these are part of Circa release that will hit shops in Autumn 2012. Option Distribution gave The Maxiemillion a preview via Max P that officially declared that he is happy to deal with a collection that can cover all the aspects of urban life: from heavy skate sessions to family man duties. Life is changing, you wanna change with us?

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