“(When I move you move) just like that? (When I move you move) just like that? (Hell yeah!, hey DJ bring that back!)” (Ludacris + Shawnna)

There is a slight possibility that if  you read this you are just a streetwear fan, a urban type of any kind but not necessarily a shop owner. Computer aided designs aka CADS are what your rep shows you once you have a shop and you buy clothing, sneakers or everything else. You have actual samples then you may also have cads to understand what you may potentially buy. Once me and Fabio L The Illest were flippin’ through these cads of the next collection of New Era caps and he started trippin’ like “To make tees with the cads printed would be awesome, just think about it”. I couldn’t do nothing but agree. Everybody knows that I’m a cap fiend and I want to make sure that this information is clear from the get-go in a phase of presentation or any other social interaction. In that same period, Fabio was following all the phases that took him to receive delivered to his door a couple of hundreds of New Era 59fifty caps of his own store: the almighty Move shop. He must have been flirtin’ with his idea to a point that he turned dreams into reality and now this tee shirt is a three dimensional item. Of course this is something that screams “exclusive” more than Dj Clue mixtapes back in the day: no way to find this tee shirt at another shop beside Move. Look who’s in the first picture having a good time. That’s our friend Dari MC. Emigrates Clan rhythm and poetry master is happy to be here on The Maxiemillion to show us the third tee shirt in a row from New Era in the same week. This is a win/win situation: he’s happy to be here and I’m happy to tell you that Move will celebrate his 10th anniversary Saturday June 9th in collaboration with Lobster. Big party means big names involved. How about Dj Zeta, Bassi Maestro, Rido, video installation by Moka Ultra Pop Design and much more? Are you happy too now?

Dai sogni alla realtà a volte il passo può essere breve. Fabio L The Illest stava guardando mesi fa la scheda tecnica del cappello 59fifty di Move shop che aveva commissionato a New Era in esclusiva e mi disse “Certo che fare le tee shirt con il design di questa scheda sarebbe una bomba”. Non deve avere accarezzato l’idea più di tanto in quanto non molto tempo dopo arrivarono le prime tees esclusive New Era x Move (già, si vendono solo da Move shop…). Ecco quindi il nostro Dari MC a rappresentare digitalmente la terza tee shirt di New Era in una settimana qui su The Maxiemillion. Il compositore di rap e freestyler dell’Emigrates Clan se la ridacchia contento. Pure Move shop è contento: celebrerà sabato 9 giugno i suoi 10 anni di attività. Grande party con grandi ospiti: Zeta, Bassi, Rido, videoinstallazioni di Moke Ultra Pop Design, gadgets by Lobster, non manca proprio niente tranne te. Pure tu sei contento adesso?

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