“When the pimp’s in the crib ma/Drop it like it’s hot/Drop it like it’s hot/Drop it like it’s hot” (Snoop Dogg)

I’ll never get tired to explain you this concept: while the other blogs post endless products that they get just to show you the pictures, this blog is about analisys that get deeper and deeper. I like to call this style of review “inspection”. It’s not a case that my profession, if you look at my personal profile here or on Facebook it’s inspectah/reverend/prophet, but this is a story that you really don’t want to know… In case you were wondering why I’m posting less these days it’s that I’m going through a phase where I’m changing job and at the same time I’m putting together the next Karma Funk-a-million, The Maxiemillion party and this too is another story that you don’t want to know (for the moment). Today’s inspection revolves around a funny product, courtesy of New School shop. Enter the Fnitted. Blend together fitted and knitted and you have it. A knitted cap for your fitted 59fifty by New Era. This knit fits overtop of your favorite 59fifty. Shaped in form of your favourite head lid, this masterpiece creates another layer to protect your head from any snowstorm that may freeze those ears that surely can’t wait to listen that Ghost-Rae-Meth album that drops in december. You wouldn’t abandon your dog in the summer when you’re leaving for the holidays, why should you abandon your New Era fitted when you are going towards (Christmas) holidays?! As one of The Maxiemillion all time favourites aka Snoop Dogg says in the above title, a pimp when in the crib drop it like it’s hot, let alone when in the club. All pimps take meticolous care about their attire so those Dog ear 59fifty just don’t make the cut in the club during winter months. Do you really want to sweat your drink off in no time with one of those furry caps? I’m sure not. The Fnitted covers your ears and it’s easy to take off when at the door of your crib/club/shop/office. Easy come, easy go. Oh, I forgot I gotta go now. I gotta brainstorm with Joz from G-spot for the graphics of next Karma Funk-a-million party.

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