Ellesse ● Polo 15-15 Stripes

I had my period with polos. I was getting hip hop American casual classics back in that era around Nas and Biggies first albums. Never had that expensive French brand: too expensive. Jay Z & JD may tell you that money ain’t a thing but to me at a certain extent it was. This doesn’t mean that I felt that cheap polos were ok, just that overpriced items don’t make the cut to my wardrobe. Vado brought back this garment heavily with his hit “Polo”, making it a must have item in any new schooler outfit and the whole thing started from there. In an hystorical moment like this we are living in, where fake vintage is thrown at us with no restraint, Ellesse Heritage got the juice. We met our friends here already when we talked about the re issue of their classic sneaker: The Assist. Welcome to another gem from their collection: Ellesse Polo 15-15 stripes. Top quality for a European product head to toe: Italian brand, manufactured in Portugal. Too bad that you can only see the pics: this is something that you gotta touch and feel. Not too thick but still a durable soft fabric is what this piquet polo is made of. There is no way that you can’t front on this colour palette. Black and white is what ying and yang is based on. It gives you balance. Thin stripes like this are timeless like Run DMC with Aerosmith. You can go everywhere you want with this garment, trust The Maxiemillion. No matter if you have a job interview that day and later on you’re going to meet your friends, you are a 360 degree winner with this. From the skatepark to the club, you can turn heads on you because of your simple yet effective style. This may happen only if you live in Uk, Spain, Germany, Korea, Denmark, Austria and Croatia, by the way (unless if you shop online). No Italian distribution. It’s a shame, word to Monie Love. I think that nothing is more legit than a comeback from Leonardo Servadio brand.
In these days of classic and basic sporty outfits, how comes that no Italian distributor is feeling this?! Are we Italians too busy cloning our friends so we start to lack in style? Surely not Vittorio A, our model here, that gives us an interpretation of how a young skater can look fresh in a Polo 15-15 stripes, staying true to what he is: a skater at the park.

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