“…while I be dippin in the Range Rover/all jewelled like Liberace/you watch me while Jakes tryin to knock me and lock me” (Prodigy)

I’ve seen a lot pass by. By “a lot” I mean that I’ve seen it all. Go back to 1987 and a trio from Long Island called De La Soul, laid down the foundation of what is now called golden age hip hop. On a friendly vibe, they carried on the legacy of Afrika Bambataa afrocentric hip funk style and often on their necks you could see leather medallions portraying Africa or the red, black and green flag, as Marcus Garvey told every brother to represent African Nationhood. Rick Rubin’s protegées Beastie Boys were too far from these concepts and then they represented sillyness by rocking a VW logo on their chain. Flavor Flav to show motherfu***rs what time it is, still has a clock hangin on his neck. Slick Rick paved the way for large amounts of chains all together. I’ve seen Treach when Naughty by Nature perform in Milan about 20 years ago with a thick chain made of steel. Yes, those used to lock doors. He jumped on stage and said about the chain”This is for my brother locked down”. Years pass and in no time you have Biggie rocking that link in Rolex style, then it’s Lil’ Cease with his twin Jesus pieces. Diamonds? Too many diamonds. Too many diamonds? Black diamonds! One thing seem to come out in this last year that is catchin’ up real quick is wood. Wood pendants. Lately even wood sunglasses. If you are too fast forward and standard wood pendants got you fed up already, I’m coming with a banger here. Custom wood pendants made out of skateboard decks. With more passion than Lizard King himself, Epis brothers Emanuele aka Yoda and Fede aka Becco came with a smart idea: let’s give new life to broken decks. Here comes Decks4necks. Custom made jewelery… I mean, wood pendants handcrafted by two brothers in love with skateboarding and art. Be on the lookout for Decks4necks because their recycling program is nothing short of sweet. I didn’t ask them to do this pendant above. It was one friday night at the club, I was busy givin’ directions for the shooting of the cap here below when Yoda came and he said: “Look what I have got here!”. I kinda give him no attention, but he showed me this chain that had my eyes pop out. What?! A pendant that says “The Maxiemillion” hand made out of Canadian maple?! This is a gift that made me really happy. Money can’t buy this. Further proof that happiness is priceless.

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