“While y’all be on the corners bummy and high/I be out buyin the finest sh*t money can buy” (Big L)

It’s not by accident that the title of this post comes from two bars from “Deadly combination“, Big L and Tupac joint. Not to compare two all time greats with two objects, this is a deadly combo anyway. Who could have ever thought of some cork on a cap (Reserved New Era) and on a belt (Enamel Icon) in a collection from Nixon? We all know that they think forward, but not so much. Don’t ever think about something predictable because the unpredictable always happens. I gotta tell you the truth: I love cork as a family value. We are a Sardinian family and cork is a local product from Sardinia that excels the standards there. So if I ever think that a New Era 59 fifty cap (a product that I’m crazy for) by Nixon (a company that I appreciate a lot) has a part that probably comes from the land that gave birth to 99% of my family tree, I lose control like I was Missy Elliot. I did talk about the cap and not about the belt because that on the buckle is not actual cork, it’s just printed. Not the same value, but definately a duo only comparable to Redman and Method Man: you need both to enjoy the show to the fullest. If elegance is made of details, this may be a tactical solution for y’all. It’s not necessary to wear em both, but if you really feel like, no big deal. The other day a girl at the shop told me that she doesn’t like “matching” gear. If you too think alike, just leave the idea. Think how fresh would be this cotton cap courtesy of Funnel srl in a non matching outfit. See? It’s still something that makes head turn because of the totally innovative material. Heads turned over even at NS Progress, because the whole kit is available there, together with new tees, fleeces, wallets and leather jackets to let you with your mouth opened. In general, it’s the quality of the leather that got me surprised about Nixon. Usually once a brand is estabilished, even if the sourcing for materials is “so and so”, they make it look like it’s still good quality. Here it’s not the case. Quality is still one of the focal points of the brand and I’m sure that with time, it will be exactely like a cork tree: firmply planted and not going anywhere.

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