Who listens to what when buyin’ this? Market researches meet music department

What is dope about Upper Playground and the connected sub-brands is that from the casual buyer to the expert underground connaisseur, anybody can feel this company.
Who may buy the following tees?
What would he like to listen in the shop system while he buys the tee?
Where can you buy the tee he bought?
These are the three questions.
You can find the answers below each tee shirt.

Hip hop graff writer/wannabe hip hopper(tie)

“Wrong Side of Da Tracks” (Artifacts)

You don’t find it in your backpack? It must be here.

40 years old with John Lennon Glasses

She loves you (Beatles)

Don’t go to Strawberry fields, the tee is here.

Barbershop addict with a mean fade job.

Rap Battle from House Party (Kid’n’Play)

No razorblades necessary to cop this.

A doobie brother feeling the right vibe.

Many clouds of smoke (Total Devastation)

No trip to Jamaica necessary to cop this.

Cholo from el barrio rocking brand new Vans.

Fly like an Eagle (Stevie Miller Band)

Don’t get the bird from your familia, the tee esta aqui.

I <3 animals but humans too dude

Eye of the tiger (Survivor)

Put your paws on this tee.

Activist artsy individual

Never again (Discharge)

We sell tees about luv, not war here.

Active high individual

Sky’s the limit (The Notorious BIG)

Get your chance to (be) fly.

The name of this Koralie tee is Just Married so… husbands and wives that recently tied the knot.

Wedding March(Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy)

Before goin on honeymoon click here

Far east attracted/Manga lovers with a graff addiction (tie)

Mundian tu Bach ke (Punjabi MC feat Jay Z) “It’s da Roc”

No foreign languages needed for your purchase.

Non patriots revolutionaries.

How i could just kill a man (Cypress Hill)

No armory has this tee in stock? No problem.

People that love halloween (and carnival)

You’re a clown (The Beatnuts)

Don’t go to Mc Donalds, invest your money here.

Die hard Rob Roskopp fans

Can’t You Hear Me Knocking-Sticky fingers (Rolling Stones)

Once you cleaned your slimy fingers, click here.

Conscious brothers well aware of the Illuminati theory.

I go to work (Kool Moe Dee)

Very little work to get this piece: just click here and keep your credit card close.

Trigger happy gun owners.

Tons of guns (Gangstarr)

If you don’t plan on rob this, there is a way to order it.

People that doesn’t own a GPS navigation system.

Only God can judge me(Tupac)

No hard judgement from your posse when you’re wearing this.

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