“Whoa, guess who’s back?/Since this is a new era, got a fresh new hat/ten year veteran, I’ve been set/I’ve been through with this bulls**t game but I never quit” (Jay Z)

How could I comply with an American national holiday called Memorial day where they give respect to the fallen soldiers who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces, being myself 100% Italian? My idea is to spend some time observing a tee shirt in the colors of the American flag of the most American cap company of them all and writing about it. New Era strikes again, back to back. The other half of Ginger blog duo is modeling here today for our pleasure. After Giugia yesterday in that Fly tee, now it’s Stefy time to celebrate a classic. Classic as denim. Classic as all white basket sneakers. Never out of style, this tee shirt is the representation of what a New Era 59fifty fan loves the most: that golden sticker on their visor. Think of how many times we saw posts concerning New Era 59fifty here on The Maxiemillion. It’s a no brainer… Trends come and go but a Multi Visor tee like this is forever. It’s a fact, like Dana from New Era explained, the 59fifty is the signature cap of this company so all a fan wants is to represent that round golden stamp of approval in the eye of the public. It starts to flow in your veins after a while, so don’t take my words for a joke. Match this with your cap or don’t wear any like Stefy does. The best matching I envision is with an Original 59fifty in navy or royal blue, not to overload the whole outfit.  This print is solid and by this I mean that is not goin’ to go away even if you are really bad at doin’ your laundry. Be good to yourself and cop this Multi Visor, it can’t stay any longer without you.

Mentre scrivo questo post è il Memorial Day negli Stati Uniti, la festività nazionale in onore dei caduti delle Forze Armate americane. Il solo modo in cui un italiano purosangue come me può dare un minimo di rilievo alla cosa è guardare una tee shirt con i colori della bandiera americana, della più grande company di cappelli della stessa nazione e scriverne. New Era colpisce ancora. Il secondo post in due giorni riguardante questo brand, con la seconda metà di Ginger blog. Ecco con piacere per i lettori di The Maxiemillion, Stefy ad indossare per noi questa tee. Multi visor t-shirt è la rappresentazione estesa di quel bollino che rappresenta il 59fifty, l’adesivo dorato che domina le visiere dei fitted caps di New Era. Stiamo parlando del signature cap di quello che è la proposta del nostro brand di cappelli preferito, come spiega in modo rapido ed esauriente Dana dal flagship shore di NYC. La stampa è solida e non sbiadirà minimamente, come del resto l’amore incondizionato per questo magico bollino.

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