“With a Little Help from My Friends” (John Lennon and Paul McCartney)


I love my life. My friends love me. This is more important than being rich and alone, in my wonderful world. Why wonderful? It’s full of New Era caps that friends buy for me. These last two have different stories. The DVS one is a kind of a challenge among me and Silvia P from Interjeans srl. I told her I just bought the Mighty Healthy Huf5 from DVS that had a colour combo that didn’t match any of my caps. She gave me for Christmas this cap above but it was the wrong size. She went back to change it and after a long wait it finally came in my hands yesterday. It’s classy. The part under the bill reminds me a mexican fabric. That’s why its name is Montoya maybe. Matching goal with the kicks: accomplished! Silvia you’re conferming to the world that you got taste.
Joe C aka Jojo Cagliostrini is another great friend of mine. He knows what kind of music I like and why I like it. We have a friendship that has deep roots in music. There are not many friends I can call at 10 am and tell them: “I’m feelin Trife Diesel, sun!” and have a sincere laugh as a reply. Jojo knows I luv sneakers and caps so when he went to NY he visited good ole Dave Quality Meat and brought me back this excellent piece. Trademark D with the chicken leg shaped hole for this baby and the part under the bill is reflective material. Ready for those club pics where your friend flashes you with his cellphone camera. I let them flash, me I’m flossin! Good pick Jojo, I owe u bigtime.

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