Wood Fellas ● Mino sunglassess

Wood, wood and wood again. This is what your summertime will ask you. It has been nice to see something here and there on The Maxiemillion, but from how things are going I may tell you that summer 2013 will be the season of wood. Companies like Wood Fellas that belived in this since day one are now gaining momentum. Starting to move its first steps a couple of years ago, wood has been pushed by this eco friendly worldwide vibe to the top. Totally sustainable, wood inspires a “come back to nature” feeling that has a natural appeal with everybody now. This is why this Munich based wood designer range of pendants is so wide and ready to fit everyone style, from the most gangster, to sport fans to funny characters. On subject of pendants, be very ready because we will see official licensed stuff from The Simpsons hangin from The Maxiemillion neck real soon. Yes, Homer and Bart pendants! Back to what we are dealing with today, check these Mino sunglasses in wheat color. These frames are not new to The Maxiemillion, since we first saw these here last November with clear lenses in its brown color variation. The unusual look of this matter has an automatic appeal on any style, it just depends on how you make it work for you. Our friend Alicya E here with her aggressive haircut and her Mino on is just lovely. But the paradox is that even a cutie in a flower shirt and curly blond hair may look awesome with these. Power of the wood without a doubt. It’s easy to love exactely like Italian distributors at Boma Agency. Quit polyacetate and talk to them to be updated on the ever expanding range of these items.

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