Wrangler ● Boyton Perfect Black

What is the secret behind the iconic denim brand called Wrangler? It’s under your eyes, if you think that its logo is made by a rope that writes its name in cursive.

Nothing is more effective than having authentic roots in this streetwear world and I doubt that you can find many brands born before 1947 that created denim for cowboys.

Think about an old America, whose population composed by immigrants, were mostly doing labour work, from carpenters to farmers and… cowboys, hence later on some of them invented the rodeo. I’m talking about Wyoming, Texas, South Dakota. This is where denim comes into play, dressing the riders of wild horses with the help of Bernard Lichtenstein, a Polish taylor that understood the needs of cowboys. This is how Wrangler was born.

Nowadays Wrangler can only smile thinking of those times because its denim pants are ready to live a city life with different values (and different challenges). Keeping the key features of a good denim such as durability and confort, Wrangler adapted with ease to the needs of the most demanding individuals, looking for the ultimate fit.

This style is called Boyton and it has a tapered fit that, together with a stretch fabric with 2% elastane, is able to give you unparalleled confort. What is quite unusual is the positioning of the leather label that instead of being on the pocket like most styles, it’s all the way up as you can see.


I can’t do nothing but get fascinated by its little blank rivets and its black button. Dress in pastel tones if you feel the trends but this Perfect Black Wrangler Boyton is forever.
Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo.

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