Wrung ● Beast t-shirt + Box cap

Can you stop the tour around the world that The Maxiemillion is doing? Sure not! I do my best to show you the different perspectives on streetwear and urban gear from every corner of this earth.

Let’s take a walk in Paris streets then, where streetwear is an exact science and you need to give a clear message with your style, considering how many souls are out to make an impression with what they wear. Wrung grew organically in such an environment, that’s why this brand knows the non-written rules of the dress code of the streets. Otherwise how could it be 22 years old?

We are checking out this outfit worn by Cristina T that consists of a Beast t-shirt in its burgundy colorway together with a blue Box cap. The first is an evolution of those black and white items with a sporty inspiration that were so popular during the Street Goth explosion a couple of years ago. Look how smooth is the pairing of the two fabrics. The stripes on the shoulders add a precious detail and so does the cut on the sides of the hem.

On subject of the cap, we find again the same shape of the OG Box cap that we saw last season. The difference here is the fabric: a sort of heather blue with irregular stripes creates a pattern that makes this cap stand out. If you can relate to this Parisian flavor all you have to do is to to browse Wrung website. Right before the arrival of the new season you can have some sharp discounts not to miss… Pictures courtesy of Valerio Papetti

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