Wrung ● Block cap + Tapes t-shirt

I bought my Biggie “Ready To Die” album in New York in 1994. I did not know this MC yet, but entering a music store its CD was the first of their chart. Nas just came out with Illmatic too, Wu Tang shocked the world with a smashing debut album, DAS Efx was the rage with their crazy hyped live shows. To be in NYC, just walking in Soho was enough for me.

The following year marked the date of birth of the OG Wrung crew in Paris. These hip hop heads were far from me and my path but still we were listening the same music, even if I was more intrigued by MCing back then, while they chose graffiti as a medium of expression.

Little did I know that these dudes would be real close to me in current times up to show you on my blog their rendition of that era with Tapes t-shirts. Hip hop classic albums of the 90s graphically remixed in cassette form create a suggestive t-shirt for “grown up hip hop fans”.

An hip hop outfit without a cap is like an MC with no microphone so here you have a classic snapback. Block cap has an eco leather black visor and a 2D embroidered arch logo, in a timeless varsity style. Of course it has a woven label on the back to testify the level of quality that Wrung got you accustomed to with time.

Nitro Distribution is in charge of this brand for Italy and there is also a Wrung Italy Facebook + Instagram profile to stay updated.
Ready to wear Wrung?

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