Wrung ● Haven Zippered Sweat

No escapin’ this like we were listening to The Beatnuts: we have to talk about the bomber again. This military jacket also know as MA 1 seems to be a major inspiration these days and the Parisian streetwear brand known as Wrung is no exception.

I am not talking about the sick bomber jacket made in collaboration with Pantone that I wore in that YouTube clip from last year. Here we talk about an ill vision by the designers that reproduced a bomber… made of fleece. Is it the equivalent of a zipper hoodie? Kind of. Is it a winter jacket? No. Is it a mid season jacket? It may become that, exactly like a zipper hoodie.

What comes into play here is once again craftsmanship and materials. Its details are all lined up for you to check. Starting from the solid zipper that is complete with a leather tab on the pull, to the embroidery of the Sign logo that we are familiar with already, this Haven Zippered Sweat is a precious piece not to miss.

The main feature is the perfect reproduction of the pocket on the sleeve that is mostly associated with the concept of bomber, complete with a leather tab on the pull even here.

What makes this garment worn by Giovanni G totally on point is the fresh choice of its colorway. This shade of beige looks very close to the nude color largely used in Yeezy Season collections and this alone deserves my thumb up. But don’t confuse the Wrung unit with a last minute clique out of nowhere that got inspired from Kanye. This is a brand with solid roots that goes back to 1995.

To get familiar with these ni__az in Paris just browse Wrung website: there are a bunch of bargains like this in the sale section that you don’t have to miss…
Shop online for this item here > https://www.wrung.fr/en/sweaters-pullovers/2641-wrung-haven-beige-sweater.html
Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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