Wrung ● Heather Sign Burgundy Sweater

I am stoked on the progression of Wrung. It’s not something that was built in three seasons. We are talking about a brand with solid roots that in twentytwo years made itself a name to recognize when we talk about European streetwear. All this independently, with a tight equipe that still works by the old school ethic with a strong new school flavor.


Gone are the times of a big screen print to have a cool hoodie. These days in order to make your name be heard you have to work hard, explore all the possibilities and go crazy about every detail. Wrung is all this. From a tight squad of writer friends to a brand with a complete line that includes jackets, shirts, pants and not only tees and hoodies. We checked not long ago Wrung Rusher Black Sweater, a color block item, and today we are giving a look to Heather Sign Burgundy Sweater.


Made of that plush fleece that you want to wear during winter days, this hoodie that Serenella M is modeling stands out with finesse. The finesse that only a custom heather burgundy close to a tweed fabric can give you. With its zig zag stitchings and terry cloth embroidery, you can tell that nothing has been left to chance.


This logo on a hoodie was already featured in another post last season: Sign Embro hoodie. I love this logo, it brings all back to the essence. A tag becomes your signature, it’s the ABC of graffiti writing; to see this simple principle transcend into apparel makes the difference and talks loud and clear about your identity.


In case the identity needs further confirmation, Sign Burgundy Sweater has a PU label that says “Createur de vetements urbains depuis 1995 – Paris” (creator of urban apparel since 1995 – Paris).


In case you want to know more about Wrung all you have to do is ask Nitro Distribution.
Shop online for this item here > http://www.wrung.fr/en/sweaters-pullovers/2558-wrung-heather-sign-heather-burgundy-red-sweater.html

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