Wrung ● Keith pants

While some brands say that they don’t want to be labeled “streetwear”, Wrung takes pride in being a byproduct of the street environment where it was born. Wrung never stops, just like the trains that keep on crossing Paris. As you know, our friends at the headquarters of this brand by Nitro Distribution, love to put their mark on these trains but also on walls and sidewalks, being graffiti art their first love.

But when it’s time to put together an outfit they stay dressed with finesse. Innovation and research are their everyday program and considering the rare longevity of this European brand, it all works. You can find your niche in every collection that Wrung drops and when the period is among two seasons, like now, there is always a way to pick up something on sale that kills.

Keith pants are the item that was missing among all those denims and black pants in your closet. Can’t you figure out a way to dress putting some colors in your outfit?! This brand is about every single color of the Pantone table, so you too can dare to wear an ochre shade of brown, to look good in the hood. I saw Keith picture on Wrung online shop and it’s long and cuffed, so I tried to give it a different look. I shortened it a bit to show off socks and… the result drips flavor.

If this is not enough to convince you on the potential of this pant, let me add: even Tormento was wearing them in his latest video
Photos courtesy of Valerio Papetti

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