Wrung ● Paris cap + Signature t-shirt

Wrung has such a complete range that to put together an outfit like the one you see in these pictures is almost an offense. This brand has it all when it comes to urban apparel: from jackets to shirts, from denims to joggers, from backpacks to belts and more.

What is fresh about this Parisian brand desperately in love with street art and hip hop is the care that you can perceive on each and every item. Attention to detail is the key to Wrung longevity and with pieces like these worn by Roberta G it ain’t hard to tell.

Paris cap is the cool snapback that you wear to show your love to the brand but it’s far from being average. Its fabric is a sort of dark navy / black heather blend and it’s a bit shiny, a feature that surely adds to the value of this cap. With its low crown and minimal branding well placed in the front, we are looking at a clean headwear piece that surely will meet the taste of many.

Signature t-shirt is a cotton blend that stands out for the nature of its heather pattern. The branding here is made by its graphic design but also by its woven label on the right sleeve. Here the design pays tribute to the passion for graffiti that played the foundation of this brand. It feels like one of those marker tags that you see in any subway. Too bad you can’t feel its smoothness that is also a key feature together with its contrast stitchings.

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