Wrung ● Phife Box t-shirt + Gang trucker cap

You may have noticed it if you browsed Wrung website: the claim for the season is “Back to the 90s”. You may have had this impression even after my post about Tapes t-shirt, that represents the Golden Age of hip hop.

Wrung isn’t complicated: the brand by Nitro Distribution was born from a strong friendship of graffiti writers in love with hip hop so… it just celebrates the object of its love.

If there was a crew during that decade that made the bassline thump with wicked lyrics, giving a sense of style and positivity, that was A Tribe Called Quest. Q-Tip and Phife vocal tones were so complementary that you just couldn’t wait to hear what the next MC was saying in that song.

Considering that poor Phife is no longer with us, Wrung called this t-shirt Phife Box because of its colors. Those tiger stripes in red and green on a black field are the same that you could find on the cover of The Low End Theory or Midnight Marauders or Beats, Rhymes and Life.


The woman with those colors was there to celebrate the African origins of black people in the United States. Black, red and green are the colors of the motherland for Tribe.


Do like Eleonora B does in these pictures: represent, represent! Phife Box t-shirt is as clean as it gets and to represent in a stronger way you may add a hat. Be ready for Summer temperatures with a fresh Gang trucker cap of the finest quality, rocking OG old English fonts, just like real hip hop heads love to this day.

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