Wrung ● Playoff jacket

Sportswear was destined to be worn to train at the gym. Then once you got home you changed clothes to go out. Nowadays this set up is a thing of the past. Jogger pants and sweatpants are giving a hard time to denim and… track jackets are hot as lava. If you add to this the fact that the 90s influence is stronger than ever, then we are getting to the point.


Track jackets with bands on the sleeves are so hot that even Fools Gold merchandise includes one in its proposal. The more you look around carefully, the more you are gonna see. It’s like a celebration of a glorious past that is not coming back.


Wrung is always alert when it comes to new trends to adapt to its classic “workwear meets streetwear” style. Being the brand from Paris in an environment where style wars are behind every corner, there is no way to keep running a brand for decades and be off guard. In other words to be Wrung… you gotta be on point with everything.


That’s why next Spring Summer collection will include this Playoff Jacket that I’m showing today as an exclusive preview, courtesy of Italian distributor Nitro. That’s right: you are not buying this item until at least next February.


This beauty here worn by Alessandra U is lined in black jersey fabric and with its two bands on the sleeves and its branding embroidered on the chest is ready for your urban adventures.


Nothing is off limits for this item: from bombing a train to going out for dinner with your girl, with this item you are always good to go.


Wrung has plenty of solutions ready to let you spend a fantastic Winter: crewnecks, hoodies and jackets with a contemporary style are all up on its website. I suggest you to check it now, don’t be mad up to February because this jacket is not out yet…

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