Wrung ● Rusher Black Sweater

Printed or embroidered, with the hood or without, wide or slim there is always something to discover about a fleece and here at The Maxiemillion I love to go deep and inspect every little detail that makes it special. Of course, when I have an item of this kind by Wrung in my hands, love for the inspection becomes passion for excellence, so I kindly invite you to follow me into this review.

Color block designs are the big thing these days. With an heritage that comes straight from the 90’s era where you had Helly Hansen and Tommy Hilfiger, to name a couple, putting out all types of apparel in this way, this Rusher Black Sweater has that retro flavor.

Playing with the army green that marks in a massive way this season, this item worn by Talita L may remind you something else by Wrung that we already saw here. Remember the Rushmore Sweater that we peeped four months ago? The embroidery is basically the same but the design of the item changes a lot. With its short zipper and press button reminding of a polo collar, this Rusher has a superior production, having a hood lined with the same fabric of the lower block of color.

Wear this with your camouflage tiger stripe jacket or with an all black outfit: it won’t be a problem. The independent Parisian brand distributed by Nitro Italia that loves to dress you in a fresh urban flavor since 1995, nails item after item and it shows from the love that this brand gets from Italian rap artists.

Peeping Wrung Italy Facebook page or its Instagram profile you can see how old and new characters of the Italian hip hop scene are endorsing with pleasure its items, from Tormento to Inoki, from Vacca to Sir K and even DJs Two P and Kut Real dig this style.

There in nothing wrong in loving Wrung.
Shop online for this item here > http://www.wrung.fr/en/sweaters-pullovers/2637-wrung-rusher-black-sweater.html
Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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