Wrung ● Rushmore sweater

Who doesn’t want a sprinkle of 90s in his outfit nowadays?! It’s all about that magic decade, in these days where throwbacks of 90s sportswear brands are the rule. Who but Wrung could give the right twist to such vibe in its collection? The brand that calls Paris home was founded by a crew of writers in 1995 so it’s quite evident that the people behind Wrung actually lived that era.

What am I talking about? Bold logos, bright colors and color blocks were everywhere: on the streets, on the cover of your favorite hip hop albums and at the hip hop jams of course, where people meet up to get the news that weren’t available in any other way, since internet was for a very limited elite back then.

This Rushmore sweater worn here by Sally B is dedicated to those years with a color block approach that keeps that spirit alive. The 3/4 zipper style is quite uncommon but actually it is very retro. Its white zip blends really well with the vivid royal blue, white and red colors. What a coincidence: aren’t these the same colors of the French flag?

Its kangaroo pocket is external like in a classic hoodie and its branding is embroidered to make it a bit more precious.

While the front is formed by three different color of fleeces, the back is entirely blue. No matter which street activity is your forte: this fleece will be ready to adapt to it.

Can you wait for the next collection? It should land in your stores within a month, says Nitro Distribution, so get ready to discover what its inspiration is this time…

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