Wrung ● Sign Embro

Wrung is doing things with the authentic love that only an independent brand can have. I told you last time how strong is the passion for the 90s of this crew of writers.

They grew up spray painting walls and trains in Paris, getting their friendship stronger and deciding to do the next step together: a clothing brand that they could be proud of. Something that represents the drive that can only come by graffiti philosophy: be unique and be the best (never forgetting style).

What is under our eyes today is an example of all the above: a 90’s inspired hoodie called Sign Embro whose goal is to be the best. Are you familiar with the collection of this Parisian brand? Among its logos the “Sign” is the one that looks like a tag, making sure that you don’t misunderstand the actual heritage of the brand.

Just like it happened in the 90s, when hoodies were crafted with patches, terry cloth logos even metal plaques, Wrung wanted to give its own imprint on this item with something strong, a feature that is a statement in itself: a thick 3d embroidery. Just like those that you see on the best headwear pieces, this is the kind of craftsmanship that makes the difference.

The Wrung item worn in these pictures by Martina C is destined to last long, making you look great each time that you wear it. To look this way more often, you just have to connect your favorite store with Nitro Distribution that is in charge of this brand for Italy. Greatness is only a few steps away.

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