Wrung ● Tidal vest

You all should be familiar with Wrung if you are a reader of this blog. Doing his thing since 1995, the Parisian brand keeps on giving you its fresh perspective on urban apparel. The problem is that this brand is desperately in love with the 90s, as it’s easy to say from the last Wrung post you saw here a couple of weeks ago.

The cool thing is that nowadays such 90s throwback seems to be everywhere therefore this Tidal vest comes at the right time. With an inspiration reminiscing of nautical gear, white and blue canvas work in favor of a street finesse where this garment is gonna make you welcome in every corner of the city, from the office to the studio where your DJ friend spins mad vinyl.

Like every good anorak that deserves this name you can find a kangaroo pocket on the front that may be useful for little handy things, like Marcello B here shows us with his sunglasses. But this is Wrung so you don’t have an average item but a supa dupa one: not only you only have one pocket on your chest but also one for your hands, just below.

The key feature of this piece is the reflective bold branding on the hoodie. It is well balanced by the little branding on the tape that separates blue and white color blocks.

Wear Tidal with a t-shirt alone or with a crewneck, the risk with this piece courtesy by Nitro Distribution is that once you wear it you won’t take it out anymore. Just like it happened to Tormento.
Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo.

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