Wrung – Bad Boy beanie by Double H

Beanies and more beanies these days: any style is featured on The Maxiemillion in order to show you multiple options for your cabeza. Trends may change, styles may vary but the classic beanie like in that movie La Haine is not going anywhere but here. A black beanie with white embroidery, I dare you to tell me that this color combination won’t work next year. This Wrung beanie is an instant classic. Beware of its name: Bad Boy in this case doesn’t stand for the record label of Sean Combs but it’s simply the translation of Mauvais Garçon. The brand from Paris that we learned to know more and more through my recent posts celebrates 20 years in 2015. This technically means that it’s mature but guess what? Wrung designers still love to have a little fun sometimes. Take an established Japanese high end fashion brand whose name has been flipped already to become a streetwear hit. Flip it again, incorporating an element of French language this time, to stay true to the actual roots of the brand that we are dealing with et les jeux sont faites. Guaranteed to get all the respect that you want in any hood worldwide, your Bad Boy beanie is a sure shot. It’s the right time now to take advantage of the opportunities of sale period: even this item that Mauro S is wearing is now available at a reduced price on Wrung website. Available in Italy through Double H distribution, if you feel like adding a little French touch to your style, you know where to find it now.

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