Wrung – Bomber reversible jacket

Straight outta Paris! A crazy brand named Wrung. You must be crazy to offer two jackets for the price of one. Today I am still hot off the video première of that NWA movie so you are getting a review with gangster influences. It’s not a secret that bomber jackets are the must have of the season but could you ever imagine that Wrung was able to create a reversible version?! As you can see from these pictures of Alessandro C this Bomber is not lacking in any detail, from thermo glued waterproof zipper pocket to custom poppers, to that branding with the round patches. What is absolutely on point is the difference among the bomber and the varsity that make both versions of this jacket ready to impress. Usually when you get a reversible jacket there is a good side and the other side that you don’t really wear but here it’s not the case. Let me add: even the colors of it cover a wide range of potential matchings, with the bomber that is suitable for any olive green and camouflage based outfits and the varsity that is ready to make all your black based outfits shine. Its fit is something that our friends from Wrung didn’t sleep on neither. I would have been surprised by the contrary, to be honest: being 20 years deep in the streetwear game doesn’t happen by accident. If you add the fact that it’s a street style war every time you step out of your place in Paris, you’d better carry a big gun and this jacket from Wrung is ready for detonation. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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