Wrung ● Brixton jacket

What separates a brand from a “brand by some friends” is its range: when you and your bros screenprint some tees and a few hoodies is not a brand. It’s a test. When you have a range that consists of several headwear solutions, cut and sew pieces, pants and jackets, beside tees and hoodies then we are talking about a real brand. Add 21 years of activity all over the European territory and then we talk about Wrung.

The brand from Paris is a regular on my blog and I truly relate to what it stands for: a grown up stylish brand that does not deny its street roots. With a penchant for all things street art, Wrung has two goals basically: to support the movement composed by artists related to hip hop and street artists with functional clothes is the first. The second is to make you look good while you do your thing, no matter if you DJ, rap or spray paint on walls.

This Brixton jacket worn by Alberto P is slightly longer than an average jacket and its fleece lining will keep you warm. The easy access pocket on the chest makes picking up the phone real easy and the other multi access pockets are ready to keep your wallet and keys safe. Pulling the cord on the waist you can have the Brixton more or less fitted, according to how you like it. When it gets cold for real you can protect yourself pulling up its zipper to the very last bit and putting your hoodie.

For further informations check Nitro Distribution, they know better.

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