Wrung – Dash jogger pant

I posted quite a few pants this season, compared to the standard of past seasons. The reason is that never like before all the brands are trying to provide new solutions to dress our legs. Sweatpants inspired designers to create a similar pant a little less informal and so the original jogger pant was born. After trying different fabrics and twills, denim came into play so you can also find denim versions of the so called jogger. That’s why we are giving a look to the Dash Jogger pant from Wrung today. With a fit slightly more relaxed compared to the usual one, this is a pant ready for action. An elastic waistband complete with a cord is what you have on top, while the pockets are like the classic five pocket jeans that you kept on wearing for years. This light denim fabric is 98% cotton with 2% elastane to give you an unparalleled confort, no matter if you breakdance or if you have to run from the security that caught you doing graffiti. To have en ergonomic design, there is a cut on the knee that follows the line of your leg; at the bottom you have a cuff, just to allow your sneakers to shine bright. To end it all the stone wash treatment makes the Dash the perfect matching for any black and grey outfit that you may put together. Comfortable and innovative, if this pant can live by Parisian street style standards, it can look great on you too. Stay tuned with Nitro Distribution because its first delivery is about to reach your favorite stores… Pictures courtesy of Pentaprism.Intuition

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