Wrung ● Deen vest + Fisher cap

Welcome to 2017. The year that will carry on the heritage of 2016 has to be dynamic, responsive and focused on new dynamics that will lead this planet to improve, instead of decay. From my side I will do my best to suggest you more ways to look good, with an accurate selection of what is available through the best shops in Italy and beyond.

To start the year with a banger I made sure to feature Wrung in my first post of the year. The collective from Paris that sees street art as its favorite medium of expression is making solid steps forward for what concerns contemporary styles and this outfit worn by Paola Z will confirm my words. Composed by Deen vest and Fisher cap, in the same shade of navy blue, these two items are clear examples of how much attention got put into every piece.

Deen vest is an hybrid piece that may work as a light fleece jacket but at the same time it can be an “upgraded” zipper hoodie beneath your jacket. Far from being an average item, Deen has a sort of retro fresh flavor coming from its wooden buttons and flap over the zipper. I am truly fascinated by the cut of the pockets and the color block design make it contemporary.

On such a brilliant piece what you want to wear on your head better than Fisher cap?! The unstructured Dad Cap with the curved visor that you couldn’t wait to wear any longer, is finally here. Don’t you think that we are stepping into the new year with the right foot?

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