Wrung Hari Khaki Green snapback

It’s a jungle out there, just like Redman let the monkeys out. All types of caps are available, never before competition on headwear was so strong. The result as it’s easy to understand is that the level of design, concept and craftsmanship is getting higher and higher. Wrung included this Hari Khaki Green snapback in its “Paname Jungle” [Paris Jungle] capsule that has been presented not long ago at Wrung store in Paris. MPY aka MPY Was Here is the name of the artist that created this unusual camouflage pattern that is all over the snapback that Serenella M is wearing. The eco leather patch on the front lets you understand that this cap is superior conceptually speaking. With the top part of the visor made of the same material of the patch on the crown, you have the jungle pattern on the bottom of the visor. For what concerns its shape I must remind you that we already saw it in another Wrung piece featured on The Maxiemillion. I’m talking about the Box OG cap that I posted last June. The hybrid shape is something among the classic snapback and the unstructured 5 panel cap, for a great innovative fit. Follow the brand from Paris now part of Nitro Distribution family in its approach to Italy through Instagram or Facebook. You will discover a team made of diverse music artists like Aquadrop or Two P but also Kharfi and Big Fish always ready to party with the right style. It’s like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how you keep from going under with no Wrung snapback. Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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