Wrung – Knox Black Jacket by Double H

I don’t know how you feel about it but me I have and hard time to find a cool jacket. I may have a million tees, an endless number of kicks but with jackets is a whole another ballgame. To end up all these problems I bumped into this Wrung jacket and I became a fan immediately. Being this brand from Paris as I told you when we saw the Yoji vest, it simply means that the people behind it know a thing or two about bad weather. In the City of Lights, when it’s winter you get harsh climate for real. And again, people there are very careful about the garment they wear: they are conscious that it’s a style clash every time they step out of their house. Knox Black jacket is a mens item that my friend Susy B is wearing for our viewing pleasure. The craftsmanship is top level and the fit is on point. One of its favorite features is its color: this matte black gives it a fresh impact that is very far from those shiny jackets that were the fever of the season a couple of winters ago. The quilted body does not extend to the pockets as you can see. Entirely realized in polyester (yes, no goose has been harmed for the making of this item) this piece distributed by Double H has a sort of dual nature: it can be tough or simply a good looking jacket, it all depends on you. How will you wear it?

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