Wrung – Lost Angels crewneck + Parisien snapback

Wrung is straight outta Paris exactly like NWA are straight outta Compton. The roots of this brand are firmly planted in the underground scene of this city made of graffiti, hip hop beats and of course… a fresh style. That’s why to celebrate the love for the city, Wrung dropped these two pieces that Valentina Z is wearing. Called respectively Lost Angels crewneck and Parisien snapback, both items have the word Paname written on them. This may trick you into thinking that here we are talking about that country in Central America but, listen carefully, we are not! Paname is an old slang word born around the beginning of the 20th century that means Paris. Quite like it’s happening recently with Milan being called Milangeles. These two pieces are contemporary with a retro twist, relying on a throwback sportswear style, reminiscing of those headwear pieces wore by… NWA back in the day. At the same time printed sleeves are as new as you like them. I have been talking with some friends about this brand and they all agree: quality is the main feature when you talk about Wrung. These friends are all pictured on Wrung Italy Facebook page and on the Instagram profile that goes by the same name so I am not telling you their names, just check by yourself. The brand from Paname that vibes to the same things that make you vibe since 1995 has now a new Italian distributor. The longtime supporter of this blog called Nitro Distribution is now in charge of Wrung too. For more infos, get them straight outta Nitro then… Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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