Wrung – OG box cap + Raheem t-shirt

Wrung is starting to make noise here in Italy too, not only in Paris where it’s a staple in the streetwear game. What? Aren’t you following Wrung Italy on Instagram and Facebook? The brand born in 1995 had a rollercoaster ride up to now and without a doubt in this moment it is in a great shape. Its collection divided in themes, its fresh patterns and its complete range with a style among streetwear and workwear are easy to love. Especially when you have tees like this one worn by Claudia P. Raheem t-shirt is a tribute to the past. A glorious past where Spike Lee was directing and producing this milestone called “Do the right thing” with Public Enemy in its soundtrack. I hate to say this but… those were the days. Well, if you consider that Wrung is producing this t-shirt in 2016 these are still the days. Peep Radio Raheem, representative of the universal balance of love and hate, pushing his fists telling you his hood theory. Why shall you do the right thing if… you can do the Wrung thing? Beside the t-shirt keep an eye on the hybrid snapback in these pictures. Box OG cap is its name and progressive headwear is what we are dealing with. The classic snapback that we know by this name has been remixed adding a bit of the style of a 5 panel cap and the result is a flawless fit on your head. Nitro Distribution is now dealing in this brand for Italy. Feel free to contact the kind people there: it’s all about love, no hate. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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