Wrung ● Parigo crewneck

Are you ready to fall in love with a crewneck? If your answer is not stop reading now, trust me. Wrung, the brand from Paris that a couple of seasons ago entered Nitro Distribution roster, gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to authenticity and level of its collection.

As far as the realness of the people behind this brand and the fascination with writing, just check the edit of Night Life on Wrung Italy Facebook page that is pretty much self explanatory. With credentials like these what could be better than a collection whose items have that special flavor that we all look for? From jacket to pants, there is no spot left untouched.

Today we focus on this Parigo crewneck worn by Elisa C that will make you a believer. Take a dark heather grey crewneck, those with the V stitched below the collar and add a terry cloth embroidery: don’t you think that the result is overwhelming?

This is nothing but classic hip hop style from the 80’s, restyled to fit the era we are in, toned down for what concerns the colors (it’s available even in beige) but still representative of the original street style.

To give justice to such a brilliant piece I teamed up with Ema Nema and we even filmed a quick clip of the “making of” that is now on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. Show some love to The Maxiemillion and check it out but don’t forget to get to the Wrung retailer in your area to cop this crewneck piece before it’s gone…

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