Wrung – Riviera Dark Blue shirt

Floral patterns are here. It all makes sense: the temperature is raising, holiday time is approaching and the need to have fun with a fresh shirt that expresses a nonchalant vibe increases. So no matter if you feel like Ace Ventura, Hunter S. Thompson or Schoolboy Q, the time is now. Wrung developed several patterns in its collection that define different themes and one of these is called French Riviera. A delicate colorway where dark blue serves as a background for vivid turquoise flowers is ready to bring out the best of you. Picture yourself sipping a cocktail wearing this shirt, no matter if your bar is in the heart of the city or by the beach. With this Riviera Dark Blue shirt, like Beatrice C in these pictures, you give a message of coolness that is impossible to ignore. The Paris brand worked hard on this theme and for those that want to dare nothing is missing: coordinated t-shirts or bucket hats are available to give an extra boost to your outfit. My advice is to avoid denim (too much blue) and not to add any other pattern in order to maximize the impact of your shirt. Wrung is doing his thing since 1995; this is why its work proceeds with logic to this day. It recently found a new Italian home through Nitro Distribution that will take care of this brand from now on. No need to be in Las Vegas with fear and loathing to enjoy Summer to the fullest: you just need a Wrung shirt and your street credibility is safe. Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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