Wrung – Ty t-shirt by Double H

I know: everybody and their cousins did pocket t-shirts. This concept in the last seasons spread like it was a new frontier in streetwear that no brand could miss. Then, as it always happens in these cases, you have the chance to separate the real thing from the toys (and to be honest I’ve seen quite a few of the latter). Cheap tees stitching cheaper floral fabric or standard camouflage have been spotted frequently but very rarely on people in the know. So what you thought? That being 20 years deep in the game Wrung would come up with “another pocket tee”? Well you are… wrong. Conceptually speaking “it’s like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from going under”. This jungle theme on the pocket is made of three different fabrics stitched together: cordura, alcantara and velvet. Camouflage of the Duck Hunter type blends with smooth alcantara as a link with velvet leopard print. Like this triple alliance wasn’t enough, don’t forget that this brand is called Wrung so what you have on its pocket is a capital W. It won’t be difficult to make this item yours: with its clean style it’s easy to put together an outfit including this Ty t-shirt that Iade G is wearing. It’s the outcome of an evolution of urban clothing that makes possible that a brand like Wrung (that was basically appealing to hip hop fans), is now dealing with clothing that you can wear easily in the city. This brand from Paris is distributed by Double H, your source for fly gear since day one, no matter the year.

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