X-Girl ● Mills Logo Map Short tee

I’m caught up by nothing but good feelings these days, just like you. So looking back at 2020, when it comes to The Maxiemillion one of the highlights has surely been X-Girl “friends and family only” Mills Logo Map Short tee.

A cult brand in the four corners of the globe, it is in Japan that XLarge sister company is worshipped like royalty, worn by any Kawaii girl whose style is relevant and true to the original culture. What could ever be more true to the streetwear game than a brand for girls founded in 1994?

After working for three years at the XLarge store that was in its blooming years, Daisy von Furth teamed up with the visionary Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth to set standards for decades to come. The two were energized by New York hectic pace, feeling that only great things were about to happen. Just to give you the picture in that same year James Jebbia founded Supreme and Zoo York existed for 1 year. There was a strong need for a new identity who could say “been there, done that” to the b-boy and fly girl clichés. Representing the melting pot of skateboarding, rap music, British alternative cultures and institutional fashion, X-Girl had a raw approach to streetwear that hardly any brand had before.

This Mills Logo Map Short tee is very similar to the other one I told you about in the opening paragraph: same screen prints in shiny silver color. X-Girl logo reigns on the front while on the back you have the same exact map that you could find X-Girl shop cards. While you could wear that one as a mini dress, with your best pair of leggings, this one is a regular girl t-shirt. Its loose fit is for the active urban woman down for whatever but it needs to be worn with a pair of pants or a skirt.

As far as its color, as a matter of fact the hardest part in this post has been to shot properly the pale tone of baby blue of this tee. Don’t look for this exclusive t-shirt on X-Girl website but… you can cop all the rest instead.

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