X-Girl ● Mills Logo Map tee

Some brands end up on The Maxiemillion because they are too big to ignore while some others because of special reasons. This is the second case, as today we dwell for the first time on X-Girl. I posted several items of his bigger brother brand XLarge already, an originator of the streetwear game whose cult following expands from Los Angeles to Tokyo.

It was back in 1991 that Xlarge was founded by a tight crew of friends that included Mike D of the Beastie Boys. Considering how this was a brand that pioneered the whole skateboarder / rap fan lifestyle and the push from Beastie Boys was major, the brand gets popular among b-boys and skaters. As it’s easy to figure out, there was a female counterpart that after a couple of years felt that times were ready to believe in a spin off project, with a different fit but sparked by the same inspiration.

It was 1994 when Mike D asked Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth if she wanted to create her own clothing line. Not by accident she was friend with Daisy von Furth, who worked at the store back then, so she had enough experience to start this venture.

Putting it in Biggie’s words “it was all a dream” when the little shop in Manhattan Lafayette street served as headquarter to figure out what the two girls could come up with. The experience and the street smart taste of Kim and Daisy payed off in the very end: X-Girl is an entity to this very day among the most iconic, together with a handful of other ones, when it comes to define streetwear for women. It is at that same shop in Lafayette that this Mills Logo Map tee pays homage, with an XL replica on his back of the original business card made with silver foil.

Not available to the public, this tee is made exclusively for friends and family, sent as a welcome gift by the people at X-Girl to The Maxiemillion, so don’t look for it online. What you should do instead is browse accurately X-Girl website and give to this originator what it deserves: your trust.

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