Xlarge ● 3D Standard Logo Pullover

When it comes to XLarge, this brand has a special place among the whole streetwear proposal. It could not be any different: Beastie Boys were a strong influence for me, back at the beginning of the 90s, and Mike D was part owner of the brand. With its seed well planted in the early stage of this global post punk phenomenon of the skate / rap fan lifestyle, XLarge reputation preceds it, making it a brand whose street credibility can’t be touched.

Ready to dress people whose dynamic lifestyle takes them to drop rhymes at a studio, just like to land a couple of skate tricks in the parking lot in front of it, XLarge remains by definition one of the few original brands still making moves today, from Los Angeles to Tokyo.

I mentioned it quickly when I first told you about X-Girl Mills Logo Map tee last week and now it’s time to point the spotlight on XLarge itself with these 3D Standard Logo Pullovers.

Part of the latest care package that reached my headquarters recently, this item has been sent in two colorways, to fully show its potential. The strong impact of kelly green is quite different from the delicate tan colorway but is the craftsmanship to steal the show (even more delicately).

This thick French terry crewneck has a three dimensional embossed logo that has been created with a process involving a heat press. So the branding may be large in dimension but very subtle, considering its tonal colorway. This is what streetwear should be about: affordable clothes with brilliant concepts by people inspired by street art, skateboarding and urban music.

Don’t underestimate the way it drops when you look at it: the heavy fabric contributes to make the relaxed fit of these items retro, in order to give that original taste that you expect by a brand of this kind.

Give a look to Xlarge website and you will find a wide proposal that catches all the new trend buzzes when it comes to streetwear, with the goal to give them justice with a very personal touch.

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Photos courtesy of Giovanni Legrenzi

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